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Northern Lights
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My witchy life

This book is part workbook, part journal. Full of planning pages, lists to make, pages to celebrate each turn of the wheel and plenty of space for your own notes.

what's inside?
the sections inside are:

  • lists lists & more lists

  • ideas ideas ideas

  • my correspondences

  • fun, games & doodles

  • wheel of the year activity pages

  • the moon

  • my witchy thoughts

  • labyrinths

  • events & useful information

This is not your average notebook!

The fun and games section includes a selection of games and drawings for when you want something light-hearted to do whilst the Wheel of the Year section gives space to planning each of the Sabbats when it's time for something a little more serious.

This book can be started at any point in the year. The Wheel of the Year activity pages have space for ritual planning and quarter calls, your ponderings & what the season means to you, space to list what you want to work on at this point in the cycle and places for poems or thoughts

There's space to note down your thoughts at each full moon.

Place to write your own list of correspondences.

A section full of finger labyrinth pages to meditate on then space to note down your thoughts.

There's space to write down things you'd like to add to your book of shadows.

And plenty of space for your own notes too.

This is a book to carry with you every day ready to add a little bit of magick to your day.


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