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Author life - what's kept me away from my desk this week?

So what has kept me away from my desk recently? The bad: an abscess that made me look like hamster with stuffed cheeks led to a trip to the dentist which in turn led to anti-biotics and an appointment for an extraction.

Also bad, my central heating has decided it won’t turn off. In winter this may not be a problem but here we are in the hottest weather of the year so far. Spending time out doors seems the best option. Engineers are expected on Friday to resolve the problem.

Also an on-going problem with my internet and its provider. They came out some months ago to do some work including laying a new cable to the house, but failed to connect said cable. Despite many emails, they insist there is nothing left to be done. I have now sent a photo of the cable in one hand and the other pointing to the box it is supposed to be connected to. Fingers crossed. I definitely won’t be holding my breath.

Good things have also kept me from my book, like other writer type stuff that I do. I volunteer with the Pagan Federation, mainly a weekly blog given my writing background. I am currently focusing on encouraging people to submit writing to a couple of projects that we have underway to give pagans a voice.

I think many people have useful stuff to say, stories to tell, experiences to share, but writing them down and sharing them is a step many feel uncomfortable taking. I totally understand. I used to be there myself. Losing the fear of getting my work out there has been liberating as a writer. Now I feel able to write without the cloud of others’ opinions stopping play. I am always happy to have feedback, good or bad (and yes, it can hurt when people think your baby is ugly), but the fear of showing your work to the world shouldn’t stop you writing.

Reminder to self – get back to the book.

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