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Good reviews - a fantastic feeling

It has been twenty days since my last sale, seventeen days since my last Kindle page read. This could have been a very depressing time, and if I’m honest with myself, it is a bit. However, people have now read my book and I am starting to see reviews coming in. Reading these is better for my spirit than seeing sales figures, especially as they are all five star reviews.

‘Well constructed story, you identify with the main character and her family and feel it could be true ...maybe it is!’

‘I loved this story from start to finish & I seriously hope Portland will be writing more.’

Brilliant debut novel. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I was drawn in during the first chapter. I loved that it was a local setting. I've read lots of American urban fantasy and it's great to have something home grown. I even knew some of the places mentioned. The characters were so normal and down to earth you could really identify with them and what a brilliant way to find out about your family history. I really liked the way the past and present story lines came together. Would definitely recommend.’

‘Brilliant book couldn’t put it down.’

Now, with reviews like that, I am feeling good about my book. From these comments, I have achieved what I set out to do. This is a home grown novel – set in Birmingham UK - with down to earth everyday characters that the reader can relate to. The world they move in is perfectly normal until a little chink lets in another world, one that Erica knows nothing about but needs to learn and fast. Her family’s past is coming to get her.

I shall continue learning about marketing, wishing that I had found out more before I started. And I shall continue with the next book. I have decided to go with The Dollmaker’s Story as I am in love with this story line – even though I have realised that I am no good at writing fight scenes. Something else I need to learn.

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Apr 20, 2021

Fantastic reviews for a fantastic book.

Looking forward to reading the Dollmaker's Story

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