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So I've published my first novel. What next?

Holding that copy of my book in my hands was a fantastic experience. The Face in the Bathroom Floor had finally come to life. Watching the Amazon reports showing that people were actually buying it became addictive. Getting sixteen five star ratings was awesome. Reading the reviews was humbling; people were so generous and supportive.

After the first few weeks experiencing the thrills and the lows, the doubt, and the sheer hard work of marketing, I was itching to get back to the business of writing. My problem was deciding which project to complete first. I confess to having a butterfly mind and I have several works in progress. I have a series mapped out about a young woman who stays with her grandmother recuperating after an operation. While working in her grandmother’s vintage shop, she discovers that she is able to feel the history of an item when she touches it.

I love this series, but I have another book underway which is a stand-alone. If I completed the series it would be a long time before I would be able to come back to this one. I knew I would miss the characters if I left it for any length of time, so I decided to work on this one first.

Introducing my next novel – The Dollmaker’s Story. It isn’t finished yet but it’s coming on well. The main character is Tom. His father was disappointed in him as he had a severe stutter. He was bullied relentlessly in school. He chose to live in isolation on a small-holding where he is self-sufficient, making dolls to bring in money to pay for the things he can’t produce. He pours his heart and soul into these dolls who respond...

I aim to have this complete by autumn. Setting some sort of time scale will hopefully keep me focussed and on target. Mental note – write daily. In the meantime, here is a link to the Face in the Bathroom Floor. Take a look. Let me know what you think. Currently available to read on Kindle Unlimited.

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